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Our story

Sea tech was born from a dream, a desire to build the new world

We were born in a dusty and polluted, crowded and crowded city. This is the general condition of cities in Asia. Where we live is often affected by tide and sea level rise, our homes are often flooded in water whenever it rains. We know that in the next 50 years, one-third of coastal cities will be submerged by ice and climate change. And more importantly, housing prices in the cities increased very fast, the younger generation we can not buy housing. So we have to do something. To solve all the problems that we encountered. And we have done.

We see the vast ocean, which is three times larger than the land area, we think, people can be there, there is no smoke, no traffic jam, natural fresh And we will not spend money to buy land to build. All are very spacious and spacious. If we have a house on the sea, we can do tourism and hotel and can also grow seafood, we love seafood, and maybe you are. We have started to build our dreams. And you, if you have the same dream with us, let us make it into reality ...

We study the Sea Villa to build out homes for everyone. Spacious, airy villas at an affordable price, and one important thing is that the cost of investing in it can help you make profit every day, every week, continuously with business travel and aquaculture. seafood. You have just earned more income and have a dream life as a rich noble.

We are looking for an investment to build a factory that builds villas, yachts and a new world on the ocean. We will bring great profits to you as you invest in us to realize this dream

What do you think about that ?


Sea Cruise

Sea Tech builds yachts from 24m - 68m with new technology materials at discounted price and wireless remote control technology via smartphone, engine 100-800 hp.


Sea Villa / VIP Island

Sea Tech builds floating villas, artificial islands with new technology materials, bringing you a lifestyle like the elite Dubai.


Sea Farm 

Sea Tech develops solutions for the construction of high-tech marine aquaculture such as lobster, abalone, sea bass ...

Sea Farm

Square 50 hecta
Minimum Invest 150K USD / Farm
Feeding lobster and crab 
and high cost sea food


Become to the share holder, join in to director staff

We are the startup technology company, need an investment to boosting this project 

Round A: $ 200,000 for a 20% stake for investors
- Setup showroom, executive office, branch system
- Complete the ERP business process management process
- Complete design drawings, planning, set up render farm center
- Upgrade human resources, design and marketing
- Upgrading and improving the team of architects, engineers
- Upgrading and improving the construction team, management and supervision
- Lease ground preparation for building workshops
- Going abroad to mobilize International Investment Fund for the second phase

Round B: $ 1 million for a 20% stake
- Setup factory construction, capacity of 02-03 villas / month
- Procurement of machinery, equipment, specialized vehicles
- Construction of 03 model villas and 01 yacht model
- Prepare manpower for construction of sea world project

Round C: $ 50 million, 30% stake in Sea Villa World
- Building a factory with a capacity of 30 villas per month
- Deploying the 100-hectare Sea World project in Phu Quoc / Nha trang / Ha Long
- Build 50 hectare Sea Farm
- Research and develop markets in Singapore and Hong Kong

Investors who wish to cooperate should contact us. welcome

Contact support

Sea Tech Group

An gia Riverside
89 Hoang Quoc Viet
Phu My Hung residense 
District 7, Saigon VN


Hotline: +849 1900 1860
Skype: seavillaworld